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 With our many years of marketing network and  the professionalism of our staff, we have  established a wide range of business contacts  with most of our high quality pharmaceutical  and chemical, materials chemistry and custom  synthesis companies. We have a wide range of  business conditions, Testing equipment, good  response and quality management level are  in-depth understanding, on this basis, subject  to the customer commissioned by the need to  produce products, our professional team will  first make a preliminary assessment of the product, and then determine the customer recognized Reaction route, at the same time, we will be based on the degree of difficulty of the reaction, production and amplification of the required objective conditions, the initial screening of the appropriate supplier quotation, get the offer, together with the supplier information timely feedback to the customer, so that customers to assess feasible And select the final partner, the supplier confirmed, we cooperate with customers to participate in the factory to provide a small sample, to the pilot, and then enlarge the production of the whole process.
In addition, we also undertake entirely by the customer to provide a variety of production processes.

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