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Custom synthesis

 Pesan Chemical not only provide  commercial chemical products to  customers, and we also keep up with the  pace of customers to undertake new  product research and develop related  process, after receiving the customer  inquiry,At the first time we will choose the  most appropriate  for customers,  accounting prices, and in conjunction  with the market sector to provide  professional offer information; After  receiving customers' order, we will carry  out research and development services in the shortest  time. in the development process, we will keep close communication with our customers in time.
For  R & D products, our commitment is : regardless of the size of the order, the value, Pesan is willing to provide customers with timely, durability, security products and services.
At the same time, we also attach great importance to the protection of intellectual property, whether it‘s the chemical structure, chemical route, or analysis methods under NDA, we will take strict confidentiality control, As for the Patent, we keep promise to adhere to the principle of non-infringement.

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